Hole By Hole

How To Play International Club Myrtle Beach

Distance not a priority of this short par 4. Left side of fairway a must.

Perfect tee shot must carry the right bunker. Accuracy is more important than distance.

Pay attention to pin placement on this deep green to avoid a 3 putt bogey.

A long iron or three wood off the tee. Stay left to the widest part of this fairway on this tight hole. Birdie still possible.

Grip it & Rip it. A big drive here may present an eagle try. Avoid middle bunker 70 yards from green.

Be sure to hit the green, water in front, bunker in back.

Avoid fairway bunker on right and you’ll be left with a middle iron to slightly elevated green.

Take a gamble on this dogleg left. Challenge the bunker and have a wedge to this friendly green.

Driver or 3 wood to this wide landing area. Avoid water and bunkers on right and birdie is possible.

A difficult tee shot awaits you on this long par 4. Stay in the middle.

Hitting this green is only half the battle. Be aware of pin placement to avoid three putt.

Carry the water off the tee, avoid bunker on the right. Go for the green on this reachable par 5.

Accuracy off the tee is a must. Down the middle and long is your best opportunity.

This green is 40 yards deep. Knowledge of pin placement is key.

A generous fairway on the long par 4. Avoid bunkers on the left, par is good possibility.

A drive to the right side of fairway offers the best shot to a friendly green.

Allow drive to favor right side. The deep green is sloped back to front.

Great finishing hole. Tee shot needs to avoid bunkers on the left and water in front and right.

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